What Clients Are Saying...


Campaign Manager

"I went through both of the Kingdom in Politics courses and they are a treasure trove of practical resources. When running a campaign, it’s very normal to worry that you are missing something your opponents know about that may allow them to get ahead. The Kingdom in Politics courses offer a comprehensive playbook so that you know without a doubt what you need to be thinking about when. Because it can be challenging to know if what you’re doing is working (particularly in a local race), it is incredibly helpful to draw on past experiences on other campaigns. Aamon’s experience and the experiences of the experts he interviews provide you with a rich set of case studies to draw lessons from for your own race so that you can feel experienced even if it’s your first campaign. The Kingdom in Politics approach is methodological, detailed, and thorough. I would highly encourage any first-time candidate or campaign staffer to go through the courses before kicking off your campaign."



"My  learning experience with Kingdom in Politics was sterling! In November 2022, I was elected to my county school board (at large) receiving the largest vote totals in first the primary election, and in the general with a substantial number of votes over the two challengers and the two incumbents.   With total certified general election votes of 45,452. In January 2022, I decided to run for elected office without incurring the expense of a campaign manager and instead decided to strategically register for the Kingdom and Politics program. It proved to be the right decision.  The education, teaching, and wise guiding advice from Aamon Ross and the many experts involved with Kingdom in Politics exceeded my expectations and never once steered me incorrectly.  I am certain The Lord led me to Aamon and  Kingdom in Politics to create the foundation, confidence and support that propelled me to such a substantial victory.  To God be all Glory. Thank you Kingdom in Politics and Aamon Ross and all his contributors from the bottom of my heart."



"When I filed paperwork to run for election, I didn't have any experience and was trying to navigate many different opinions on how to run my campaign.  I worked through the Kingdom in Politics materials that are filled with answers and advice to encourage me to think about the many aspects of my campaign.  Aamon's support was invaluable as he reviewed my website and gave useful feedback to help me craft my messaging online, fundraising, mail, as well as in person knocking on doors.  I gained confidence to decide how to use my limited time and resources most effectively.  Our group zoom calls were beneficial as I learned from other candidate's experiences and questions.  My volunteers and I worked hard and I appreciate all of the guidance I received to help me win my campaign."



"I can't recommend the Kingdom in Politics curriculum enough.  As an educator, I can verify that the curriculum is very thorough and asks the right questions.  As a pastor, I very much appreciate the Christian perspective that it provides.  And as an aspiring office holder, I can attest that the program is politically "street smart."  Aamon, like a good coach, asks you the hard questions, but also knows how to balance challenge with encouragement.  I used many of the specific tips that Aamon gave about how to respond to difficult questions on the campaign trail, and found that I got immediate results.  Not only did I feel like I was well-prepared as a candidate, but I also knew that I had an experienced friend in my corner who was praying for my success!"



"I have never run for office, campaigned, door knocked before; in fact I have never even voted in a primary election. I was limited by the Hatch Act my entire life, watching helplessly each election cycle. I attended Pray Vote Stand in October 2021, the week after I retired from the military where I attended the Kingdom in Politics seminar and met Aamon. He taught me the basics of running for office. I declared my candidacy January 26, 2022, in a very crowded race for U.S. House of Representatives. Everyone told me I had no business running for office because I was an unknown. They suggested I “pay my dues” by knocking on doors for the perceived front-runner. Aamon encouraged me and I used the lessons I learned in his course to win a primary with 11 candidates with a 20% margin over the next candidate. Aamon continued to mentor me through the general election. Although I did not win, I moved the needle significantly. In a district where my opposition won with a margin of 19%, I lost by less than 6%. I gave voters hope by running a clean campaign, but most importantly I glorified God during the entire process."


Campaign Manager

"I got to know Aamon Ross through Pinnacle Forum and was interested in his successful leadership of Governor Stitt’s campaign for Governor in Oklahoma in 2018.  Gov. Stitt had never run for office before.  Aamon Ross had never led a campaign before. Together they achieved a victory for Governor Stitt that was remarkable when he was elected Governor of Oklahoma in 2018.  This year we needed someone to help us fight the legalization of recreational marijuana in South Dakota.  We knew we were in an uphill fight, because both recreational Marijuana and medical marijuana had passed Constitutional Amendments in South Dakota in 2020.  Because the recreational marijuana amendment was found unconstitutional by the South Dakota Supreme Court, the pro-marijuana forces were trying again in 2022 to legalize it by a ballot initiative.  Aamon Ross helped us defeat the legalization of marijuana this year by 7%, reversing almost the same margin of victory our opponents won in 2020.  He kept us focused on the tasks needed, and his expert advice and knowledge of the best campaign experts helped us win.  He humbly helped us stay spiritually focused and united all along the way.  I would highly recommend him and his team to lead your campaign."



"I had the honor of stepping up to run for our local city council seat in my district this midterm election. Unfortunately, we lost by just 78 votes but the experience was one that blessed the lives of our family.  As a first-time candidate I was disappointed at the lack of support when I first decided to run. There were no road maps, no instructions, and no mentors to walk me through the process. I was frustrated by the process. I did my research, spoke with Aamon, and was blessed to be a part of the Kingdom in Politics program. It was everything that I was looking for and allowed me to perform effectively with my strengths and weaknesses leading into my announcement to run.  As a Christian, I appreciated the devotionals that led me into each lesson and the strategies involved in running for various offices. Through the process, I made some mistakes and listened too often to other candidates who didn’t always share the same values that I have. The one constant through the program was Aamon. He made himself available to me several times and when I was really stuck, he provided answers - along with prayer- that led me in the right direction. I only have two regrets from my campaign. One,  that I didn’t listen to Aamon and start my campaign sooner; and two, that I didn’t always follow the Kingdom in Politics playbook. If you are thinking about running for office, I urge you to go through the program and to listen to Aamon. For me and my family it’s something that brought us together and really connected us with our community. My biggest hope is that more Christians run and more churches get involved in supporting congregants through the Kingdom in Politics program."


Campaign Manager

"Kingdom in Politics with Aamon Ross was a priceless resource for our three school board candidates here in California.  The Art of the Pivot was particularly useful in focusing on our platform and our goal to use every tool to win the race. I highly recommend having Aamon Ross in your corner.  He’s focused, kind, knows what works and more importantly directs you clearly away from what does not."



"Aamon saved us from overthinking and imploding our campaigns.  Our sessions with Aamon were priceless."



"Aamon provided leadership, strategy, and successful implementation in our statewide campaign to defeat legalization of recreational marijuana. I would recommend Aamon and his team to any candidate or campaign."