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Aamon Ross interviewed some of the best subject matter experts in the political space.

Marc Nuttle is an author and attorney who specializes in international trade, international foreign policy, and international political affairs. He is widely recognized for his expertise in forecasting political and economic trends and is the only person who has been involved in federal campaigns in all 50 states. Along with those incredible accomplishments he has also managed a campaign for the President of the United States, advised 5 Presidents of the United States and the leaders of 7 foreign governments. Marc has represented as legal counsel and political counsel, numerous United States House of Representative campaigns, United States Senate campaigns, gubernatorial campaigns, and state House and state Senate campaigns encompassing all states in the continental U.S.

Shannon Grove served in the United States Army and was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany where she witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This experience solidified her passionate patriotism and appreciation for the freedoms our country offers to all people. She founded Continental Labor and Staffing Resources with her sister-in-law in 1993. From 2010 to 2016 Shannon served as the State Assemblywoman in California’s 34th District. In November 2018, Senator Shannon Grove became the first woman veteran elected to serve in the California Legislature, and is proud to serve as the Vice-Chair for the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and the Senate Committee on Health representing the 16th district.

Robert W. Aho is a partner at BrabenderCox, a industry leading cross-screen political advertising agency. Rob is recognized as a pioneer in developing award-winning video creative that is targeted to every screen. He has developed successful ad campaigns for many well-known leaders, including Vice Presidents, US Senators, Governors and numerous members of Congress. Rob also has produced ads for the Governor’s Association, the National Senatorial Committee, and the National Congressional Committee, plus many advocacy groups and corporate brands. With an MBA in marketing, Rob began his career in brand positioning and media targeting strategies. He lives near Washington, DC with his wife and two children.

Becki Donatteli is the president and founder of Campaign Solutions. She was the first person ever to raise political money on the Internet. Virtually every online innovation for over twenty years has come out of her team at Campaign Solutions and CDI Ads. As chief internet consultant on numerous presidential campaigns, scores of Senate, House and gubernatorial races and raised over a billion dollars for candidates across the nation. She is recognized as one of the top 10 most powerful women in direct response marketing.

Chris Wilson is the founder and CEO of WPA Intelligence. He’s a Harvard professor, data scientist, and polling and predictive modeling expert. Using a meticulous, technologically advanced, and highly individual approach, Chris leads campaigns to reach voters by predicting voter behavior based on ideological segments, personality modeling targeting each voter based on the issue most important to them. Chris has successfully led data research and digital strategies for over 10 gubernatorial elections, dozens of Senate and House races and countless down ballot races across the nation. He was recently named Technology Leader of the Year by Campaigns & Elections at the 2019 CampaignTech Awards.

Josh Kivett is a seasoned political strategist with nearly 20 years of experience in campaign management and public affairs.  He’s successfully managed or consulted on campaigns at every level, including multiple U.S. Senate, statewide, and congressional campaigns, as well as independent expenditures and issue advocacy campaigns. He has also led numerous nationwide grassroots voter contact campaigns in over 20 states.  He’s an expert in digital, mail, TV, radio and various targeting and analytics platforms.

Holly Gerrard is co-founder and partner at Ascend Action. For over 20 years she has worked on campaigns ranging from city council to US President. Holly has an incredible winning record and specializes in real-world market development and statistical research for political campaigns and advocacy - applying data driven strategies that capture trend positive messaging, developing personalized strategic plans for each campaign, and designing a hands-on tactical ground game in dynamic environments to gain the advantage. She is deeply committed to helping believers get elected, activism, organizing coalitions, conducting grassroots activist training, and serving multiple terms on the State Executive Committee. She often advises on strategic initiative campaigns and super PACs. Holly has won numerous state and national awards for campaign excellence.

Zachary Freeman is the founder and CEO ofImperial Independent Media. He has dedicated his career to helping organizations and individuals to grow their empires and has a unique gift for political communication and campaign strategies. He has successfully consulted on campaigns of all sizes from school board, city council, and mayor, to state representative and United States Congress.  With a diverse slate of political clients from Alaska to Maine, and Texas to Brazil, Imperial Independent Media represents a robust global network of contractors and consultants who specialize in areas related to corporate and political communications, government affairs, and business development. He is passionate about launching kingdom minded leaders into politics. Zachary is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, and currently serves as the Press Secretary and Communications Director for the Alaska House Caucus.

Tenessa Audette has managed numerous local, state, congressional, and ballot measure races. She’s a nationally certified campaign manager and has put her political science degree to work as a policy expert at the state and national level.  In addition to leading successful political campaigns she is an adjunct professor for a God and Government course and advises her local State Senator and district representative. As a campaign architect she provides both political strategy and personal life coaching to help candidates and their families manage the intense and stretching campaign season and is passionate about helping people called to run for political office succeed.

David and Alee McLain have been happily married 32 years. They do everything together from pastoring a mission church in Kingman, AZ to running their construction business in Oklahoma and serving as CASA volunteers for the abused and neglected children in the court system. During that time they “fostered'' six young adults in their home.  David has been a successful candidate while Alee managed his campaign. David is currently serving as State Party Chairman in Oklahoma, while Alee serves as his Administrative Assistant.

Denise Gitsham Jones is a strategic communications expert, political strategist, and attorney with over two decades experience working at the highest levels of the Federal Government. Her political career began in the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush and continued in the White House, Department of Justice, and the United States Senate. Denise graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, and practiced international law in Washington, D.C., before transitioning home to California. In 2016, she ran for Congress in San Diego, earning the distinction of becoming a NRCC "Young Gun," as well as 43.5% of the vote as a first-time candidate. Today, Denise operates at the intersection of law, policy, and politics as a consultant to healthcare and technology companies.

Stephen D. Clouse is the Founder and President of Stephen Clouse & Associates, Inc. (SCA), a global strategic communications and major gifts fundraising firm established in 1991. SCA has pioneered the use of a highly personalized, multiple media communication stream video fundraising technique, and provides consultation, message development, and creative/television training for conservative and non-profit causes. He is a two time winning Emmy producer and has coached and produced for many of the most famous people in media, politics and business.

Timmy Teeple has managed and consulted on campaigns from the state legislature to the U.S. President. He served as Chief of Staff on the Hill in DC, before managing Bobby Jindal’s successful campaign for Governor in his home state of Louisiana. He led Governor Jindal’s transition successfully and later advised multiple new Governors on their transitions.He also served as Jindal’s first Chief of Staff, and worked to implement historic reforms and led countless successful independent expenditures for Senate, House, and gubernatorial races across the nation.