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In this 60-minute webinar, Aamon will take you through his journey of running a gubernatorial election and winning even though he had no prior political experience. During that process, he discovered how the church has failed to inspire, encourage and raise up leaders in the political space. 

This is not your normal webinar!  It’s fun, entertaining, and you’ll learn:

To discover an incredible way to impact your community beyond the four walls of your church that compliment your investment in other ministries.
Why the church abdicated its responsibility in the political space and how to get it back.
How to inspire your congregation to run for political office.
How to steward the hearts of the leaders in your church who are called to lead in the political space.
How to teach the importance of politics from the pulpit without losing a member.
How to influence your community by putting godly people in positions of authority.
Webinar Instructor: Aamon Ross

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